#1 – Bernays’ Main Philosophy

Most people respond to their world instinctively, without thought, there exist an “intelligent few” who have been charged with the responsibility of contemplating and influencing the tide of history.  A public relations person is an applied social scientist who advises a client or employer on the social attitudes and actions to take to win the support of the publics upon whom his or her or its viability depends.

One of the "Intelligent Few"


#2 – Bernays and Longevity

At the time of the interview Edward Bernays was 100 years old. Ewen described his voice as deft and business like.  At 100 years old it is astonishing for someone to still be in the working field.  Bernays practiced PR for more than 75 years.  In those 7 decades lies most of the critical beginnings of what PR is today.

#3 – Bernays Links Causes to Companies

While Ewen is going back in the history of PR, he repeatedly find Bernays at the head of the newest practices.  In this case, he finds that in the 1920s Bernays fathered a link between corporate sales campaigns and popular social causes.

An Advertisement for Lucky Strike

This happened when women’s rights marchers, thanks to Bernays’ ideas became sponsors of Lucky Strike cigarettes, coincidentally a client of Bernays.

#7 – Welcome to Politics

Ewen found that in the forties and fifties, Bernays pioneered his idea “engineering of consent” that dealt with mass persuasion through media.  He taught the ways of using visual symbols as instruments of enforcing your ideas, and he did so with political leaders.  Surely, we can all recognize these kind of practices come election times.

#8 – By Chance…?

Bernays Said about Ewens book “If you said to me, ‘I would like more readers of this book’…I would immediately get in touch with the largest American consumer association. And I would say to the head of the consumers association…   ‘Why don’t you devote one of your twelve meetings a year to consumer images?’”

This quote is important because coincidently 3 months after the interview, Ewen received a call from the largest American consumer association to be a keynote speaker for an event.


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