Throughout Chapter 15, Public Ultimatums by Stuart Ewen he discusses how in 1936 Adolf Hitler employed the cult of Aryan supremacy to draw the German masses toward the brink of total warfare, and its influence on revitalizing public relations in the United States. The pressure on winning the war took the focus of the problems away from the home front, and allowed for the US to be united.

“Business involvement in a thriving propaganda campaign- this time with a legion of writers, broadcasters, movie makers, publicists, and other mass media experts who were organized by radio newsman Elmer Davis’ Office of War information. had also emboldened private enterpriser’s with the conventionalist hat they might, once again, gain mastery over the popular imagination”.
War allowed for a chance to gain influence over the Public’s mindset and vision of the United States and their interaction with other countries.

New Deal activism had a chance to be reversed. In widespread “planning for postwar” deliberations business leaders emphasized the need to elevate “Private Enterprise” and “Fifth Freedom” and the need for “Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Worship, Freedom From Want, and Freedom From Fear.” With so many different public opinions being shared nationalism and pride in our country spread like Wild Fire and the War helped to bring about unity.

Throughout this time of great chaos, Germany continued to spread their Nazi influence internationally through the Olympics and sharing their vision of a supremacy race and his personal intentions of dominating all of Europe. This type of competition allowed for PR to flourish, and remind the people of the US “Why the American way of life- is worth sacrificing anything and everything not only to preserve but to take forward in a future more glorious than ever.”


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