“When an industry has finished its its financing, when it has mastered the problems of production, it no longer needs a board of directors where the bankers and production men and engineers dominate. Its major problem for the future of future will be public relations. . . . Part of the places vacated on the boards of directors when some of the bankers and lawyers and production men retire will be filled by public relations men–by men who have come up through the sales and advertising departments. . . . The age of public relations has only just begun.”

-Bruce Barton, 1936

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  1. ctuzzolino says:

    This quote really intrigues me…it’s crazy how people realized the importance of PR in the 30s!

  2. sjnunn16 says:

    It’s weird to think how far public relations has come from being used to gain public support in wars, to helping businesses succeed. It will continue to grow and right now is more important than ever before!

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